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Delivery & Installation

Installation with a foundation within a 5 hr radius of our shop is included in the base price of our gazebos. (on most sites) Our crew has installed gazebos as far west as Colorado and as far east as Maine. There are additional travel charges for outlying locations, typically $1 per mile from Fond du Lac, WI.

The permanent wood foundation accommodates slopes and height variations to match up with existing decks. Our experienced crew has made expert adjustments required by different site conditions for many successful installations. And it is all done with focus and dedication. Often our customers comment on how there is very little conversation but a lot of efficiency during an install.  The average installation time with foundation is seven to eight hours.



Installation of 16' Gazebo

Installation of 18' x 24' Summerhouse on island in Northern MN

 Just to let you know how pleased we are with the gazebo and the installation. The guys did a wonderful job and were very accepting of my picture taking as they did their work. 
It was very amazing watching them go thru the various adjustments, making sure everything lined up just right, never getting upset or aggravated.

Wayne Motel, Dyer, IN

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