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Heating & Air Conditioning

Enjoy your gazebo even when the weather is hot and humid or damp and chilly. With additional wiring, heating and cooling can be added to your gazebo.

Interior vertical members with electrical boxes installed are held in place with six screws and easily removed. This provides access for the addition of baseboard electrical heat. Quiet and efficient mini-split heating and cooling systems can be installed using the chase behind the verticals. Accommodations for gas or wood fireplaces are also available.

High quality wall-mounted heating units can be added to your gazebo to provide both heating and cooling, creating year-round enjoyment.

 We had the electric fireplace set at 62º. It was 30º outside. Started out at 48º inside and after 45 minutes got to 65º, then maintained 70º after an hour. Actually nice in there, so we're really happy with everything.


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