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We offer 100-year foundations of pressure treated wood. Tongue and groove 2x6 deck sections in our enclosed gazebos and summerhouses utilize durable Douglas Fir. Floor sections are coated with an exterior cedar tone finish and two coats of waterborne polyurethane varnish.

Western red cedar wall sections are screwed and glued together and have 1-1/2" EPS foam cores. Semitransparent cedar tone exterior finish is applied to the interior walls and roof sections.

Roof section frames are assembled with 3" deck screws and glue. 1x12, 1x8, and 1x10 western red cedar boards are fastened to frames with 2-3/8" ring shank TLN nails. Pressure-treated and kiln-dried 5/8" thick taper sawn shakes, #1 Blue Label, are the finishing touch. Shakes carry a 30/50 year warranty.

We had guests for dinner last night and ate our first meal in the gazebo. Since it was a bit nippy outside, we wore sweatshirts and jackets, but it was still delightful! Thank you.

Bonnie H.,  Dundas, MN

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